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Police Station

Echo Eliminator Panels Reduce Problematic Echo Problems at Police Station Booking & Interview Rooms

Hi Ted,
I finally have had the time to take some photos and give you some feedback on the Echo Eliminator product that we installed in our police booking room and interview rooms. Your suggestions and calculations were exactly correct about the product to use and the amount we needed.

Installation was done by our City Facilities crew. Once they got the hang of it (no pun intended) they proceeded to mount the panels and tailor them to the correct sizes for some of our smaller rooms with no problem.

Skepticism ran high until the first couple of panels were installed and we could notice considerable echo reduction immediately. Once the entire booking hallway was completed, skepticism turned to
belief that these panels really did deaden the echo problem in that long, concrete hallway.
The quality of the audio recording in the interview rooms has also been enhanced by the Echo Eliminator panels.

Our thanks for your assistance in improving our new police building with your unique product.

K. Mangold
Police Department