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New York Studio

Acoustical Surface’s Echo Eliminator acoustical panels solved the reverberation problem while maintaining the existing aesthetic of a photography studio in the heart of New York City. The studio is in a solid concrete building in which the ambient noise level of the space was decreased from 55 dBa to 44 dBa. Ross Whitaker from Ross Whitaker Photography Studio in New York called me one afternoon and explained the problem that he was experiencing. The photography studio that he owned had a “horrible echo problem.” I asked him to describe the space and the description did not include any soft surfaces whatsoever. He also informed me that the space needed to maintain the nearly all white aesthetic that it currently had.

We spoke briefly about the specs and pricing for the foam. After comparing the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and the price of the foam, Mr. Whitaker decided that it was not in his best interest to explore the foam any further. I told Mr. Whitaker about our Echo Eliminator which appeared to be a much more effective and affordable solution. After seeing samples of the Echo Eliminator, Mr. Whitaker placed an order for 185 (2′ x 4′) panels in the 1″ thickness, and #3lb. density.

After taking delivery of the panels, Ross set them out on the floor to see how they would be spaced on the ceiling. When they were on the floor, he called me and stated that he could feel the difference in the room. As he began installing the panels, he ran into trouble imposed by the high-gloss paint which was used on the ceiling of the room. I originally suggested that he use a PL style adhesive along with a contact spray adhesive since these panels were being installed overhead. To overcome the problem, Mr. Whitaker needed to apply a generous amount of spray adhesive to get the panels to stick.

A few weeks after the panels were installed; Ross called me to thank me for helping eliminate his problem. He stated that his customers immediately noticed a difference in the space. Mr. Whitaker’s space is in downtown New York City, and he stated that the ambient measure of the room before the panels were installed was 55 dBa. After the panels were installed, he measured the ambient noise level at 44 dBa. He also stated that “the panels took out ALL of the echo in the room.”
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