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Marcoux Corner

My name is Josh Baesler. I am a member and part owner of A Cappella singing group Marcoux Corner. In January of 2008 we moved our center of operations from ‘my house’ into a new office/studio space. Ever since the group’s inception, we’d always recorded our own music, but up until then we’d used a very makeshift set-up in the house basement. This move, would be our first opportunity to actually build and drastically modify a space to suit the group’s recording and mixing needs. After doing some research on what our options were for completing this project, I approached Acoustical Surfaces. I was put in contact with sales rep. Ted Weidman, who was able to put together a package with what I needed to get the job done, and was within our ‘independent musician budget.’ Ted and the entire staff were able to answer all of my questions and provide suitable acoustic solutions throughout the entire process. We were all very pleased with the results and have been enjoying our space and recording great music ever since!

Thanks again!
Sincerely, Josh Baesler