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Lil Explorers Child Care

Childcare Acoustical Treatment:

If you walk into any childcare facility across the country, you are guaranteed to experience three things: Kids, noise, and germs. We suggest repeatedly washing your hands to battle the germs and take deep breaths and exegesis patience to enjoy the company of the kids, and either use earplugs or acoustical panels to deal with the noise. Being a father myself, I have had many, many years of experience all of these things and more, so I know them quite well.

A few months ago, I received a call from a local childcare business who was looking to reduce the reverberation time in their “large muscle” room which is a space where the kids go throughout the day to run, play, expend their pent up energy and practice using the larger muscles in their body. These rooms are often large rooms with high ceilings and tile or terrazzo floors that are conducive for bouncing balls, riding bikes, running – etc. Kids are in there to play and have fun and the noise level in these rooms goes from silent to ear-piercing almost instantly as shouts and shrieks of joy leave the lungs and mouths of the children.

Overall, adding these acoustical panels in the room makes it more comfortable for the children and the teachers. If you are considering doing something similar, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to walk you through your options. If you are able to provide me with the height, width and depth of your room, your company information and a digital picture or two of the existing room, we should be able to get something worked out in just a few minutes.

Thank you,

Ted Weidman