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Justin Testimonial church

When River Heights Vineyard Church relocated into a new location, we were very excited about the new opportunities and potential that came with the new space. One of the things we were most excited about was the main meeting space because it was much more open than our previous space. The downside to this big open area was that it had some serious acoustical challenges. The stage was located in the corner of the room and was surround by hard surfaces on all sides. The room echoed badly enough that having a live drummer just wasn’t feasible.

Ted from Acoustical Surfaces worked with us to put together an affordable solution that has allowed us to significantly improve the acoustics of the room. Having just purchased the new building, moved everything, and paid for all the related expenses, we had a very limited budget to work with. Ted worked with us to determine what the room really needed and look at all our options.

In the end, we chose to mount several Echo Eliminator panels along walls on the sides of the stage area. It was a very cost effective option that has dramatically improved the acoustics of the room. We now have much better control of the sound in the room and the sound quality is much improved.

Ted and Acoustical Surfaces were great to work with – they helped us understand what we needed and then put together a custom solution for us that did exactly what we needed. As we continue with developing the space, we will certainly be working with Acoustical Surfaces to address any acoustical challenges along the way.