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Insul-Quilt Installation


Insul-Quilts are constructed of a layer of .008″ flame-proof foil on 100 lb Kraft paper encasing 2 layers of SR-25 fiberglass insulation with .003″ glass fiber plain weave fabric in white or black. Custom colors are available. The quilts are sewn with loop stitching 4″ OC. The sides are encased and the ends are exposed. Ends may be encased during installation. The product can be completely encased for specific application.

Product Testing & Information

Installation Methods

Installation of Insul-Quilts

  1. The Insul-Quilts may be installed with either 1″ roofing nails or with 2″ staples at 16″ OC along wood stripping. The fasteners must be long enough to penetrate the backing without compressing the Insul-Quilt to less than 1″ in thickness at point of penetration.
  2. The raw edges of the Insul-Quilt must be concealed or cut back so the cloth can be tucked behind the back of the material to make a neat and finished product.

Backing Installing

  1. 2″×3″ wood stripping shall be installed either vertically or horizontally with mechanical fasteners or with powder activated pins (powder activated pins will be used with concrete substrate)
  2. The 2″×3″ wood stripping installed vertically will be set at 23″ OC or 16″ OC with the understanding that the width of the blanket will finish out, after a 1″ lap at approximately 46″.
  3. The 2″×3″ wood stripping installed horizontally will be set at 24″ OC and Insul-Quilt is hung vertically.

Option to Install Insul-Quilts Over Metal Studs and Drywall Framing

  1. Install 1″×3″ strips through drywall substrate at 24″ OC horizontally. Wood stripping must run horizontally.

Powder Activated Shots and Pins with Washers

  1. Attach Insul-Quilts to substrate using HILTI X-SW (Powder Actuated Fasteners). At the joint of the two blankets, overlap 1″ and install fasteners at 16″ intervals vertically. At the midpoint of the blanket, install shot pins at approximately 16″ OC vertically.Notes:
    • HILTI Pin must have a washer or be attached to a washer 1″ diameter.
    • Adjust the load so the blanket is not compressed to less then 1″.

Stick Clips

  1. The Stick Clips will need to stay on the wall to dry for at least 24 hours prior to mounting Insul-Quilts. The fasteners must be long enough to penetrate the backing at least ½″ without compressing the Insul-Quilt less than 1″ at the point of penetration. The nominal thickness of Insul-Quilt is 2″. Stick clips @ 16″ OC in both directions.

Plenium Barrier Configuration

Typical Installation of Insul-Quilts as Plenum Barrier.

Insul-Quilt Installation

Cloud Configuration

Insul-Quilt in a Cloud Configuration. The blanket can be hung up to 25″ without additional support.

Insul-Quilt Installation

Baffle Configuration

Insul-Quilt Baffle with closed end. Exceptional quality for industrial use or controlling a localized noise source. Baffles may be hung independently or in groups. Grommets are available at ends and sides, if required. Baffles can be hung up to 30″ without support.

Insul-Quilt bafles work exceptionally well where localized noise sources are too loud for workers comfort, like heavy air handling units, load generators, and mill stamping operations. Baffles can be hung directly from the structure above or from wires to any height desired.

Insul-Quilt Installation