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Soundproofing for Green Building Applications

Green building and LEED certification is a goal for many construction products. Utilizing the correct building products is extremely important to acquiring this certification. To meet these needs, Acoustic Surfaces provides a large selection of products that are eco-friendly and meet green building certifications.

Using a variety of new and recycled materials, we offer the highest quality products that meet building code requirements for both safety and environmental friendliness. Our green product line features insulation made from recycled natural fibers; wall panels, baffles, and HVAC acoustic liners made from recycled cotton; and soundproof backing made from recycled synthetic fiber.

All of our green soundproofing and noise blocking products are made to the highest standards. When building green, the best choice is to work with the experts at Acoustic Surfaces. For a look at our eco-friendly green building options, please see the above below.

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