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Freddy Wagner Ceiling - BAP

Hi, I have an MD ear doctor after hearing 10 minutes of a live music show 18 months ago, that gave me ringing in the ears and even a pain sensation with loud noises (almost flipped off an ambulance once, reflexively — with my shoulder stuffed in that ear of course).  Reverberant rooms (“acoustically live”) are the worst.  The MD said I have very sensitive ears — I didn’t actually lose any hearing ability, according to testing.  The cotton on the ceiling took the reverberation out of that room — where my audio/TV system and keyboard are.  It felt much much nicer for my ears.  The odd/telling experience was when it was half-way up, to snap your fingers under the cotton vs. under the bare ceiling: like when you’d have your head next to those sound-absorbing public telephone kiosks in airports, years ago.  You just hear the original snap.  I’ve hardwood floors and no curtains.  Amazingly — wonderfully! — the pain sensation in my ears with noise went away about 8 weeks after getting this stuff up — 14 months after the original injury.  There was no control sample, but I can attest it made the room *much* nicer for me.  I noticed that voices were noticably easier to understand and coming more obviously directionally from the center channel speaker, listening to DVDs.

The panels aren’t quite perfectly square, and I kind of squished them together a bit.  There’s a few gaps that I’ve stuffed loose cotton in.  But it’s all fine and interesting.