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Four Rivers Charter School

On behalf of Four Rivers Charter School, I wish to compliment Acoustic Surfaces on its Echo Eliminator™ sound reduction system.

As you know, we had 7th and 8th grade classrooms with deafening conditions due to the age group and to rooms comprised entirely of hard sound-reflective surfaces. We priced other products with good reputations but found their installation techniques to be cumbersome and costly. We wanted to do something to the ceiling only, to reduce sound reflection, since the walls are vitally important for other uses, and we don’t want carpeting in our classrooms.

We used Echo Eliminator as an experiment in our noisiest room and found it to be absolutely amazing. It took a little while to get the hang of installation, because we were separating the pads by 4 inches and had a lot of hung pipes, lights, sprinklers, and ductwork to work around. However, the results, as I said, were astounding, and we have added the Echo Eliminator system to the rest of our middle school building and will specify it for our High School Building which is slated for construction next summer.

We also have found your company to be quick and responsive to our needs, especially when a shipping problem occurred. I would recommend your product to other schools with similar needs.