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Fabrisorb Fabric Wrapped & Aerobics Room

Because of the lack of available space to hold our new aerobics spin classes we decided to convert one of our underutilized racquetball courts into a spin room. The issue we had with converting the racquetball court was the amount of echo in the room. The echo was so bad that you literally could not clearly hear a normal conversation from ten feet away.

I decided to look on the internet for solutions to the echo problems we were having and I came across Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. After talking to Ted at Acoustical Surfaces about the sound quality issue we were having, he came up with several solutions that would solve the problem with the sound qualities of the room. I purchased 18 Noise S.T.O.P. Fabrisorb Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels from Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. and these panels have absolutely changed the sound characteristics of our new aerobics room. The result was absolutely amazing! The new aerobics room now has the best sound qualities. It sounds like it has been designed specifically for an audio application.
Many thanks to Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. for their great products and service!

Claremore Recreation and Expo Centers.