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Noise S.T.O.P™ Custom Graphic Acoustic Wall Systems

Custom Graphic Acoustic Wall System Noise S.T.O.P™ Custom Graphic Acoustic Wall System

World Class Sound Absorbing Wall Art, Your Own Photo or Company Logo

  • Uniquely Distinctive
  • Decorative and Acoustical
  • High Performance Acoustics
  • Class A Fire Rated

Product Testing & Information

Acoustical Wall Graphics allow the designer, architect or interior finish professional to create a scene that can set the mood or environment of any facility. We have a team of skilled digital technicians who will take our custom artwork and recreate it on acoustic art panels and wall coverings. Anything from a lake or mountain view to a piece of custom artwork, photo or logo can turn a plain blank wall into a breathtaking visual experience. NRCs to 1.05.

Product Specs


Vinyl or Fabric


Lobbies, Lunchrooms, Commons Areas


Any custom size available.


ASTM E-84 Class 1-A, Nonflammable