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Elevator equipment room

Elevator equipment room / Mechanical Room – elevator noise problem fixed.

Products: Acoustical Quilted Curtain & Echo Eliminator recycled cotton panels

Ted, I would like to take this opportunity to briefly thank you for your assistance and advice in helping me design a quieter elevator room.  

The elevator equipment room is adjacent to a physician’s waiting room, and the noise produced by the elevator operation or equipment was somewhat significant and disruptive to the patients sitting in the waiting room.  By installing a sound curtain in front of the mechanical room elevator door and numerous sound absorption boards around the elevator room we were able to reduce the elevator noise by approx. 80%.  I have attached 3 photographs of the elevator equipment room:  the first 2 illustrate how the sound curtain was attached to the wall; Photo #1 illustrates the curtain open and Photo #2 illustrates with the curtain closed.  Photo #3 illustrates the sound insulation board on one of the 3 walls we placed it on around the elevator equipment.

Ted, once again I greatly appreciate your assistance and advise in the installation of this sound absorption material to the mechanical room elevator door.  I can assure you that I will not hesitate to make a referral to you, nor will I hesitate to use your products at our buildings in the future.


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