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Echo Eliminator Municipal Auditorium Kansas City

Acoustical Treatment Installation at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, MO

Echo Eliminator™ Hanging Baffles

The acoustical treatment installation at Municipal Auditorium included 30 Acoustical Assemblies, each consisting of five 4′ x 8′ x 2″ white bonded cotton panels attached to a 21′ aluminum ladder truss and hung from rigging points above the ceiling.

Each panel had 3 grommets installed at the top. A 1/16″ wire rope loop attached the panel to the truss. The truss was attached to the steel structure above the ceiling with 3/16″ wire rope rigging harnesses. The circular penetrations that the rigging harness passed through were already in the ceiling.

The acoustical treatment of Bonded Acoustic Cotton (Echo Eliminator™) accomplished what it was designed to do. It dropped the reverb time in the space nearly 2-1/2 seconds to get to an excellent speech intelligibility in this large venue. BAC is a high performance acoustical absorber that is Class A-1 ASTM E-84, Non-Flammable. BAC is also recycled/recyclable LEED approved, very inexpensive, attractive, easy to work with, lightweight and durable.