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Customized Car

Testimonial for Noise S.T.O.P. Echo Eliminator™ Bonded Acoustical Cotton, and Duct V-Max Vibration Damper
Used on a Customized Dodge Sprinter Van

To Whom It May Concern:

“Being a polymer and materials scientist I’m familiar with the properties of synthetic industrial fibers and textiles. For the last decade, my research has focused on understanding biomimicry and creating biomaterials for medical applications. What constantly amazes me is the perfection and balance of properties with which nature creates materials. Cotton is an example of such a wonderful material. When I learned of the sonic and thermal performance attributes of cotton composite panels, I believed they would be ideal for my customized Dodge Sprinter van. Because I’m a sponsored sound quality competitor in the car audio industry who intends to build an award-winning vehicle, reducing structure-borne noise is of great importance. The installation of the cotton panels was straight-forward and easy – the panels were easily cut with a razor knife and bonded into the vehicle with commonly available adhesives. Due to the light weight of the cotton composite panels, even the overhead roof panels were installed quickly and easily using only adhesive. Needless to say, the results were nothing short of astounding! The results were so noticeable I could hear the sonic character of the van change progressively during the installation process, even before the van was finished!

It is clear to me that cotton composite panels provide a necessary and dramatic improvement in sound deadening and are the perfect compliment to viscoelastic damping materials.

Jon Whitledge
Polymer and Biomaterials Consultant
Whitledge Designs

Note: Customer used the products Echo Eliminator and Duct V-Max Vibration Damper.