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Clubhouse Lounge

Sound Problem Solved in Clubhouse Lounge

After Looking briefly through our website, Terry Wolf called inquiring about how to resolve some sound problems in their clubhouse lounge. I further discussed what types of products could be used to reduce the echo and liveliness in their club house room. Terry and I decided the Echo Eliminator™ Panels would work best for their situation. The Echo Eliminator™ Panels would provide Terry with the greatest amount of sound absorption, ease of insulation, and the lowest cost of all alternative products.

Quote from Terry Wolfe
Eldorado Board Member

“Before we installed your product (Echo Eliminator) at our clubhouse lounge you had to lean across the table and yell at your friends to talk with them when there was only 24 to 30 people, and now people can sit back in their chair and carry on a normal conversation. It has made our clubhouse lounge a pleasant place to sit and talk. People would not come out to have a drink before, and now the word is getting out to come out and check out the new lounge. Business is already growing.”

Thank you for assistance with our project.
Terry Wolfe
Eldorado Board Member