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Climate Seal Portico West

Designer/Developer SAYS… “Aesthetics & Ease of Use of the Climate Seal Product is SUPERIOR”!

Our design project in Virginia had eight large windows facing a traffic circle and we needed to reduce the traffic noise intrusion. The existing windows were 1970s metal framed dual paned and were ineffective for sound blocking or thermal insulation.
Initially we purchased another company’s window inserts for three of the eight windows, all in one room, to evaluate the general effectiveness of acrylic inserts before purchasing them for the remaining windows. Those panels were ¼” acrylic with a silicon tube perimeter. They significantly reduced sound and heat/ cold transmission.
The silicone tube perimeter on those three panels was 1-½” wide. Inserting the panel required pushing/squeezing it into place until it appeared parallel and sat equidistant in the window well. The tube perimeter did not add rigidity to the large panel which would have made inserting, positioning and removing it easier.
We began looking for window inserts that had a narrower and firmer frame as well as a backstop that made the final positioning accurate each time. Climate Seal offered a thin profile metal frame around a ¼” acrylic panel using a bracket and magnet connection.
The frame provides rigidity to the acrylic panel and at less than 1″ wide makes it virtually unnoticeable in front of the existing window. The hidden fixed bracket provides the necessary back stop so the panel is positioned perfectly when inserting it. The panels provide excellent sound blocking and thermal insulation.
As designer/developers, we felt that the aesthetics and ease of use of the Climate Seal product is superior. They were responsive from order to installation with excellent results.
We will certainly give your company and Climate Seal product rave reviews and recommendations to our family and friends.”