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Climate Seal Older Home

Climate Seal Window Inserts Improve Home Heat Efficiency for Client.

I love the Climate Seal window inserts & brag/tell people about them and the improvement in my home heat efficiency every chance I get. The first month they were installed (January 2009), my energy bill decreased about 40%.

My home was built in 1920, old but not historic, but I do live in a historic area. Replacing the old, original windows was estimated at $4,000 – $25,000….. neither was satisfactory for me. After reading about the product & calling the local phone number for more answers….. I decided it was the perfect answer!

I “pop” them in for the winter months and store them in my basement for the summer months. They are light weight so I can do it myself. (I will be 70 years old next year) I no longer have winter winds blowing through the curtains!
As I said before, I love my Climate Seal windows!! They make a vast difference in the efficiency of my beloved, older home!

Best regards,
T. Thompson
Newport, RI