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Climate Seal Customer Amazed

Customer Amazed by the Acoustical & Thermal Insulation Climate Seal Provides!

We have the good fortune, or miserable fate depending on how you look at it, to live in a historic home. One of the reasons we were so drawn to our house is the fact that it has multiple porches throughout the property to include a screened in porch off of the back of the great room. This space while conceptually ideal, never lived up to its potential. The screens allowed us to enjoy the porch during the spring and fall with the provision that it wasn’t windy or raining. Additionally, our pollen season in the spring is extensive and we had to constantly clean every surface and item on the porch. After 10 years of this vicious cycle, we realized we wanted to “optimize” our space and in order to do so, we were going to have to enclose the space to better protect it from all of Mother Nature’s elements.
As with all purchases in our home this one began with months of research regarding storm window solutions, materials, mounting methods, and, most importantly, the companies behind the products. We surveyed the market and ended up receiving bids from the four companies that we engaged after down-selecting them from the dozen or so vendors we had found. Long story short, Matt and the team at Climate Seal outclassed and outbid the rest of their peer competitors at every step.
Due to it being a historic home, none of the openings on our porch were “true” with each requiring accurate measurements. Additionally, the openings are not standard window casings and required an adaptation of the normal mounting process. In every instance, Matt was the consummate professional helping us work through the project and design the right final solution. Even after we had taken all of our measurements, Matt diligently reviewed the spreadsheet and found variations that needed to be accounted for. Our project consists of 22 separate and distinctly unique panels. Every one fits perfectly.
One of the reasons we were drawn to the Climate Seal solution was its magnetic mounting system. The windows literally just snap in and can be easily removed for cleaning. This approach also allows us to create screens of the same dimensions as the windows and switch them out as the seasons allow… Brilliant! We chose to upgrade our panels to the thicker quarter inch material and have been amazed by the acoustical and thermal insulation they provide. The minute we snapped the final panel in the porch became a room.
I should mention that we added two HVAC vents to the space as we were completing the project. These vents in conjunction with conditioned air that flows through a sliding set of french doors keeps the porch very comfortable, so much so that we have spent the majority of our holiday season to include Thanksgiving and Christmas out in our new space. It really has become another fully functional room and completely changes the feel of our house. We put our Christmas tree out there this year and cannot imagine it going anywhere else in the coming years.
If you can’t tell by now, we are beyond thrilled with the final outcome. This didn’t just happen. It took partnership and acute attention to detail. Thanks to Matt and the Climate Seal team, we were the beneficiaries of both and have a spectacular final result to show for it. We have a mirror image of the downstairs porch above it that extends off of the master bedroom. If you are reading this review, there should be no doubt about who will be providing the window inserts for that project when we go to do it here in the near future.
Brendan K.