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Buchannon EXT-BBC

The owners of the apartment building next door installed 2 very noisy air conditioning units right next to our back porch. They are about 4’ away from our porch, just over the property line! We love our back porch and the noise made it almost unusable. To make matters worse, they are in an air space surrounded with hard walls, so the noise echoes all over, down our gangway. We couldn’t open any windows in the house without hearing. In fact, we could hear it with the windows closed. I was losing my mind! In desperation, late one night, while I couldn’t sleep, I did a web search for acoustical materials. I found your website and called the helpline the next day. Ted listened to my problem and recommended the sound-absorbent blanket.

The sound blanket is installed and has dramatically cut the sound. I can barely hear the units from our porch, even though they are just on the other side of the wall. The blanket has also reduced the amount of sound bouncing up to our upstairs windows. Now we can actually sleep with the windows open, even when they are running the AC- I can still hear it, but it is so much reduced, just a faint hum. Thank you for your attention and excellent service! I would certainly recommend you to anyone I know with a sound problem.