Exterior Tenara Fabric Wall Baffles

Exterior Tenara Fabric Wall Baffles

Sound Quality Baffles are the perfect solution to reverberation issues for large spaces. They are easy to install suspended down from the ceiling via grommets. All are custom-made with a wide variety of finishes and sizes.

  • Excellent acoustical performance
  • Custom sizing
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Weather resistant, fade resistant and mildew resistant

Product Testing & Information

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Exterior Tenara Fabric Wall Bafles Photos

Exterior Tenara Fabric Wall Baffles

Product Specs


Outdoor dining, Pavilions, Music venues, Amphitheaters, Amusement parks, Water parks, Mechanical equipment enclosures, Manufacturing environments, Field houses


Baffles are available in custom sizes up to 4' x 10'.


• Exterior grade fabric
• 12 colors available


Standard thickness: 2”, 1.5 PCF fiberglass core.

Edge detail

Stitched with TENARA® thread.

Mounting options

Stainless steel grommets


Class B fire rated

1/3 Octave Sound Absorption Coefficients at the Octave Band Frequencies
Frequency Hz125Hz250Hz500Hz1KHz2KHz4KHzNRC
2″ Thickness0.360.971.080.470.220.110.70