Acoustical Blanket

Acoustical Surfaces, Acoustical Blanket Saves the Day by Reducing High Pitch Whiny Sound!

Photovoltaic Inverters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The one we had installed was large, about 8 ft. tall, 5 ft. wide, and 3 ft. deep. Besides being so large, this inverter is extremely loud and makes a very high-pitch, whiny sound when on. This is always an issue, but in our case, this was a disaster. The inverter was installed in the heart of an elementary school. Needless to say, we were not allowed to run the inverter without first mitigating the sound. Through online research I came in touch with Acoustical Surfaces. They have a large assortment of products, but most importantly, a very knowledgeable staff. Their staff recommended an acoustical blanket rated for outdoor use. The blankets were made to the exact dimensions, so they fit the fenced enclosure around our inverter perfectly. The custom made products arrived in a timely manner and were super easy to install. I have to say, we are more than delighted with the sound level reduction! The inverter is on, and we are producing solar energy.

Project Engineer
Los Angeles, CA