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Super W Pad Sheet
Vibration and Noise Reduction Pad

Super W Pads

The Super W Pad is One of the Thickest Most Versatile and Efficient Pads Available

Super W Pads Reduce Noise, High Frequency Vibration & Impact From Typical Equipment:
  • Single Package Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Condensing Units
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Beverage Coolers
  • Pumps
  • Air Compressors
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Noise and vibration control pads should be relied upon only as a noise break and minor vibration control to be placed between equipment and a stiff support surface. Significant vibrations require “tall” rubber or spring mounts that yield higher deflections.

APPLICATIONS: Super W Pads reduce annoying noise and minor vibration generated by air conditioners, refrigeration equipment, pumps and much more. The higher deflection waffle design with its suction cup action eliminates the need for bolting down.

Super W Pads should be used in 2″×2″ squares. Select the minimum number of squares required and design pads to the most convenient shape. The use of additional squares results in more conservative loading.

Example: Load is 700 lbs., capacity is 120 lbs/square. 700/120 = 5.83 squares. Use 6 squares configured as 2 squares by 3 squares (4″×6″)or 1 square by 6 squares (2″×12″).

Super W Pads StackedPads may be stacked with 16 gauge shims between layers for increased deflection (For example, 3 layers offer 3 times the deflection.
Super W Pads are Molded in 3 Elastomers:
Standard Natural Rubber for maximum resilience and vibration isolation.
Neoprene for longer life and moderate oil resistance. In 3/4″ thick pads only.
Bridge-Bearing Neoprene for maximum life, excellent oil resistance and resiliency approaching natural rubber. Available in 3/4″ thick pads only.Super W Pad

SIZES: Standard 18″×18″ sheets consist of 81 – 2″ squares each supporting 120 pounds. The squares are separated by a thin web that is easily cut to provide evenly dimensioned pads such as 2″×2″, 2″×4″, 4″×4″, 6″×8″, etc.

PERFORMANCE: Super W Pads outperform cork and rubber “sandwich” pads by giving longer life and greater resiliency with consistent and reliable service.
Super W Load Rating (per Square)
Type & Size Standard Durometer Load per 2″×2″ Square (lbs) Rated Defl. (in)
Super W Pad – 18″×18″×3/4″ 40 120 .10

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