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Stop Noise Acoustical Enclosures™

Stop Noise Acoustical Enclosure
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Effective Verifiable Noise Control
  • STC Values Up To 55
  • NRC Values .90 to 1.10
  • Complete Systems – With Doors, Windows, Louvers, Air Conditioning

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Silent Mod soundproof enclosures are designed to isolate noisy equipment from employees or adjacent neighbors. For the most effective sound isolation and sound control and noise control, the following features and criteria need to be considered:

  1. Accessibility For Production & Maintenance
  2. Access Doors For Controls, Personnel or Equipment
  3. Proper Ventilation to Prevent Heat Build-Up
  4. Viewing or Observation Windows
  5. Power Supply to Equipment/Receptacles
  6. Lighting Requirements – Standard/Explosion-Proof
  7. Enclosure With Floor and/or Vibration Isolators
  8. Penetrations
    • Intake Duct/In Feed
    • Discharge Duct/Out-Feed
    • Conduit/Piping
    • Ventilation/Silencers

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