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Customer Completely Satisfied with Garage Door Silencer Product!

Dear Mr. Weidman,
I am writing to tell you of my complete satisfaction with the Garage Door Silencer product. As you know, our master bedroom sits directly above the garage at our house. With different schedules between my wife and I, the early morning departure was a sore subject. Each day when I left the
house, she would be needlessly awakened by the garage door opening and closing.

Your recommendation of the Garage Door Silencer was spot on! I found the new design to work perfectly for what I was looking for. The installation was very manageable and instructions were very simple to follow. With some minor cutting of the garage door opener brackets, adjusting of some bolts, and drilling in the Hex Head anchor screws, I was up and running.

Immediately, I was able to notice a difference while just standing in the garage. That difference was
magnified when I went into our bedroom for a test run. The vibration that the garage door opener
created was nearly gone and the sound emitted was significantly diminished! Our family is much happier with our quieter garage door opening solution! Thank you for your advice and recommendation of this great product!

Matt S.