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Specifications subject to change with out notice.

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Absorptive curtain
Back Side Absorptive Curtain

QFA – Absorptive Quilted Blankets

Absorptive Quilted Curtains
  • For Unusual Conditions
  • Cost Effective
  • Water & Chemical Resistant
  • Exterior Applications
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PLEASE NOTE: These panels are designed and intended to ABSORB ECHO, if you need a product to BLOCK SOUND, Click here.

MATERIAL: 2# PCF density fiberglass core, facings noted below
PATTERN: Quilted pattern
FEATURES: Effective and durable absorber.
APPLICATIONS: Effective solution to a wide range of unusual problems. Machinery and work area enclosures.
THICKNESS: 1″, 2″ (Thicknesses are nominal and are a measure of the fiberglass BEFORE it is quited)
SIZES: Standard width of fiberglass is 48″ wide – panels are cut to size as needed.
QFA-1 & QFA-4 – 50 feet
QFA-7 & QFA-10 – 25 feet
QFA-14 & QFA-20 – 25 feet
COLOR: INTERIOR – Gray, Tan, White, Black; EXTERIOR – Gray, Tan
FLAMMABILITY: ASTM E84, Class A. Flame Spread: 23; Smoke Developed: 30
INSTALLATION: Hook and loop fasteners, grommet hangers, curtain spanport hardware.
THERMAL “R” RATING: 1″ Thick: R = 4; 2″ Thick: R = 8

QFA-1 – 1″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC Front/NPS Back Facings
QFA-4 – 1″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC on Both Sides
QFA-7 – 2″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC Front/NPS Back Facings
QFA-10 – 2″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC on Both Sides
QFA-14 – 4″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC Front/NPS Back Facings
QFA-20 – 4″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC on Both Sides

QFA-EXT-S – 1″ Thick Fiberglass – Exterior Grade Vinyl Front/NPS Scrim on Back
QFA-EXT-D – 1″ Thick Fiberglass – Both Sides Exterior Grade Vinyl
QFA-EXT-S-2″ – 2″ Thick Fiberglass – Exterior Grade Vinyl Front/NPS Scrim on Back
QFA-EXT-D-2″ – 2″ Thick Fiberglass – Both Sides Exterior Grade Vinyl

NOTE: For high-temperature conditions, a silicon impregnated vinyl is available. Please call a sales associate to discuss the details of the situation.

Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Cloth (VCFC): Standard
  • Breaking Strength (wrap and fill): 150lb./in. and 100lb./in
  • Tear Strength (wrap and fill): 8lb. and 7lb. Respectively
  • Continuous Service Temperature Limits: -20°F to 180°F
  • Moisture Permeability: 0.5 Perms
  • Color: Gray, White, Tan, Black (special colors available upon request)
  • Other: Passes UL-181 Heat Aging Test
Nonwoven Porous Scrim (NPS): Backing
  • Composition: 100% Nonwoven Nylon
  • Fabric Weight: 0.7 oz. per Square Yard
  • Tear Strength (wrap and fill): 6lb. and 5lb. Respectively
  • Temperature Limit: Continuous Exposure to 400°F
Quilted Fiberglass Asborber – Noise Reduction Coeficient – ASTM C423
  125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz NRC
QFA-4 0.12 0.47 0.85 0.84 0.64 0.62 0.70
QFA-4 0.17 0.30 0.83 0.82 0.59 0.37 0.65
QFA-7 0.07 0.27 0.96 1.13 1.08 0.99 0.85
QFA-10 0.19 0.99 0.96 0.80 0.57 0.33 0.85

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