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Electrical Boxes/Ceiling Mounted Lights

Soundproofing walls anc ceilings

RSIC-DC04X2 Resilient Sound Isolation Decouple Clip

The RSIC-DC04X2™ and RSIC-DC04™ are very versatile products. The most common use is the decoupling of wall systems. The design of the RSIC-DC04™ can be used in new construction or retrofit. The RSIC-DC04X2™ is twice as strong as the RSIC-DC04™ for use when heavy items need to be acoustically decoupled for noise isolation. Below are some examples of the possible uses for the RSIC-DC04™.

Product Applications:

RSIC-DC04X2 Clips

Wall Electrical Box Isolation:

Wall Electrical Box Isolation

216LB Ceiling Fan – Electrical Box Isolation:

216LB Ceiling Fan Electrical Box Isolation

Ceiling fan, Electrical box, or Mechanical mount isolation. Acoustical weight capacity 288 lbs