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Jeremy Recording Studio

Ted, I thought you might like to see some pictures of a recent Wallmate job. I spent the weekend working on a friend’s recording studio and used all of the leftover material from First Baptist Atlanta. The front and side walls have 2” BAP which incidentally lies perfectly flush with doubled 1×4 bases for the framing. Of course we had some material from another batch that was a little over 2” thick and didn’t lie flush, but we’ll use those pieces for portable panels in the studio. I’ve included some pictures of the back wall just for fun. I designed some Schroeder diffusers for my friend and showed him how to build the first one. He then built 25 more and we’re going three rows high in the back for a live-end dead-end concept. The room sounds amazing and my friend was floored with the improvement in imaging and mid bass performance from his loudspeakers when we fired them up after installing the BAP. By the way, the little wooden chunks in the second picture were only temporary while the contact cement dried. We didn’t have any 2” material left big enough to cover the center section, so we did two layers of 1” material. Putting that stuff up with contact cement is really easy and works beautifully. Jeremy also bought some RSIC for the studio ceiling to build a second layer of drywall into the ceiling and used acoustical caulking around the edges of the drywall. Unfortunately the studio is under his living room which has hard wood floors and two small children running around so the foot fall noise is still significant, but the extra layer helped. I’ll take some more pictures in a few weeks when the control room and studio is finished out. Jeremy is great to talk to and might be willing to give a little testimonial if you wanted a line or two about a happy client on your website. His number is 951-662-9694.