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Echo Eliminator™ Testimonials

Fellowship Halls & Churches

  1. Cornerstone Fellowship Chapel in California
  2. Fellowship Hall Acoustics Under Control!
  3. New Life Church SOLVES Acoustical Problems with Echo Eliminator™ Acoustical Panels & Wallmate®
  4. Bethel Lutheran Solves Band?s Acoustical Problem with Wallmate® and Echo Eliminator™ Installation
  5. Church Multipurpose Room/Fellowship Hall Noise Problem Solution

Classrooms & Schools

  1. Four Rivers Charter School
  2. Classroom Acoustics on a Budget

Child & Daycare Centers

  1. Daycare Center Noisy Room
  2. Childcare Noise Level Reduction
  3. Childcare Center Acoustical Treatment

Office Spaces & Conference Rooms

  1. Echo Eliminator™ Solves Reverberation in NY Photo Studio While Keeping Aesthetic
  2. Studio Bau:ton Design Opens Doors to Imagination
  3. “Overbearing Echo” in Design Studio Conference Room Solved
  4. Problematic Echo Problem at Police Station Booking & Interview Rooms Solved

Gymnasiums & Auditoriums

  1. Kansas City Municipal Auditorium Solves Noise Problem with Echo Eliminator Hanging Baffles
  2. The Problematic Gym
  3. Church Gymnasium Acoustical Problem Solved!
  4. School Uses 1″ Echo Eliminator™ to Reduce Gym Echo Problem


  1. Sound Problem Solved in Clubhouse Lounge
  2. Noisy Restaurant Problem Solved

Multi-Purpose Rooms

  1. East Metro Music Academy & Woodbury Methodist Church Reduce Echo
  2. Echo Eliminator™ Panels Make a Splash With a Custom Wave Pattern in Multi-Purpose Room
  3. Echo Eliminator™ Solves Big Reverberation Problem in ND Facility

Broadcasting & Music Rooms

  1. Echo Elminator Solves Echo Problem in Piano Room
  2. Echo Eliminator™ Solves Echo Problem in Piano Room
  3. New NPR West Production Facility Uses Echo Eliminator™ Recycled Cotton Panels
  4. Fedora Studios Uses Echo Eliminator™ and Wallmate®
  5. Weather Studio Echo Problem Made “Fidelity-Perfect” with Echo Eliminator™
  6. Echo Eliminator™ Worked Great for TV Studio
  7. A Cappella Singing Group Builds Practice/Recording Studio in Rental Space with RSIC-1 Clips™ and Echo Eliminator™ Panels
  8. School of Rock Music Facilities & Recording Studios


  1. Echo Eliminator™ Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Solves Reverberation Problem!
  2. Home Theater Acoustical Problem Solved
  3. Reverberation/Echo Problems for Home Studio/Practice Room SOLVED

Everything Else

  1. Reverb Under Control at Brewery
  2. Customized Dodge Sprinter Van Gets Acoustical Treatment with Echo Eliminator™ and Duct V-Max
  3. Dance Studio’s “Bad Echo Problem” Solved with Echo Eliminator™ Wall Panels
  4. Harsh “Echo Chamber Feeling” Eliminated with Echo Eliminator™ in Print Shop!
  5. Cycle Shop Solves Sound Problems with Echo Eliminator™ Baffles
  6. Echo Eliminator™ Reduces Problematic Echo in Hair Salon

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