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Affordable ACO-U-STICK™ Acoustical Wall Panels


The Do-It-Yourself Acoustical Wall Tile

ACO-U-STICK™ DIY acoustic wall panels are the easiest and most cost-effective way to add effective sound absorption to any area. These mini-panels are a great solution for reducing echo and loud sounds in gymnasiums, auditoriums, studios, hallways, basements, churches, offices, and more. These easy-to-install panels come with everything you need to mount them. Aco-U-Stick DIY acoustic wall panels are made with eco-friendly recycled Bonded Acoustical Cotton, making them environmentally friendly with no VOCs.

    • Accurate broadband absorption
    • Small size allows placement virtually anywhere
    • Easy to mount
    • Cost-effective
    • Eco-friendly recycled cotton material

What are the main applications of ACO-U-STICK™ wall tiles?

These acoustic wall tiles can be used as an acoustical treatment in many places including banquet halls, events spaces, training rooms, lecture theaters, university halls, and dorms. They are designed to reduce echo and loud sounds in these environments and to be easy to DIY.

Are ACO-U-STICK™ wall tiles fire rated?

Yes, they are Class A rated. Aco-U-Stick sound-absorbing panels are designed to be safe for your home DIY projects with options like FabriSorb, PolyMax, Wood Wool, Echo Eliminator, and Sound Silencer, all of which are also Class A fire rated.

How are ACO-U-STICK™ wall tiles installed?

These acoustic panels are designed to do-it-yourself. They are easy to mount, featuring adhesive strips that won’t damage your wall. This makes them suitable for virtually anywhere. Everything needed for mounting is included with the panels.

What color options are available for ACO-U-STICK™?

The wall tiles come in multiple color options. For example, the Echo Eliminator version comes in white, beige, graphite, and light gray, while the Sound Silencer version comes in white and charcoal.


Product Testing & Information

Product Specs


Bonded Acoustical Cotton – recycled content


Soft, textured surface


Economical, Multi-Purpose, High Performance, Durable, Lightweight, Easy to install, Removable DIY Acoustical Panels


Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Classrooms, Music Rooms, Arenas & Stadiums, Churches, Offices, Computer Rooms, Band Rooms, Industrial Art Rooms




1′ x 1′




ASTM E84, Class A


3M Command™ Strips (included)

Reverberation Demonstration

Aco-U-Stick – Sound Absorption
1′×1′×1″ Panels
12″ Apart

High NRC due to edge absorption and diffraction