Curve Diffusor Panel Introduction

Introducing… The Curve Diffusor The world’s best diffusor – The Curve: constant-radius, phase-coherent, MLV bass absorber Available in different: colors, styles, & sizes Curves improve your room Curves on Combo Stands vertically… or horizontally Also: Curve Corner Traps (for bass absorption) Curves: in sizes, colors, styles, & custom

Acoustical Surfaces Wall Art Intro

Introducing Art with acoustics included inside. High-resolution sound control Acoustic Wall Art – sizes, images, even your pictures Acoustic Wall Art – beautiful! Only from Acoustical Surfaces.

Climate Seal Acoustical Window Inserts

Look! A Great Human Achievement: The WINDOW! It keeps the outside out and the inside in, while keeping the view and the light! Sadly, windows can leak heat, cold, and NOISE! Wait! Another Great Achievement: the AcrylAcoustic Clear Window Cover! It keeps WAY more outside out and inside in, for less Heat, Cold, and Noise […]

Echo Eliminator Overview

What’s better than better sound? Better sound for fewer dollars! Echo Eliminator makes rooms sound much better, and saves you money. Saves your health, too – no formaldehyde or glass particles, because it’s made from recycled denim. Echo Eliminator is a better sound absorber than fiberglass, with super-easy installation! Works great in homes, schools, restaurants, […]

Envirocoustic Wood Wool Overview

Created from two of the most plentiful materials on the planet: Portland Cement & Renewable Wood Fibers. Envirocoustic Wood Wool Panels Available in Rectangles and Hexagons Huge Stock Inventory and CNC-Formed Custom shapes in colors and custom colors! But what does it do? Sound Absorption! For example, if your office has chaos, Envirocoustic absorbs noise […]

Fabric-Wrapped Panels Introduction

Introducing Fabric-Wrapped Panels Many sizes… many colors… great-looking… high-performance… sound absorbers Only from Acoustical Surfaces

Sound Silencer Overview

What if one type of sound panel could solve many different problems? Sound Silencer reduces echo with no glass fibers in classrooms, gymnasiums, and locker rooms. Reduces echo in humid area like ice rinks and swimming pools. Lowers noise in fiber-sensitive areas like food manufacturing, food preparation, laboratories, and clean rooms. Reduces sound levels in […]