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  1. Perforated Batts for UltraTouch Insulation

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    Bonded Logic is introducing perforated batts for its UltraTouch Insulation. Several batts in each package will contain perforations allowing you to easily size the batt to the dimensions needed. The perforations enhance the consumer’s experience and have no impact on the nature or performance of the product. The perforation pattern was developed to provide the most common “off size” pieces with no cutting required!

  2. More Environmentally Friendly Sourcing & Packaging for UltraTouch

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    Bonded Logic Announces Post-Consumer Sourcing & More Environmentally Friendly Packaging for UltraTouch Insulation
    Recycled Blue Jean Insulation Now Made From Post-Consumer Denim & Available Nationwide

    CHANDLER, Arizona… One of the building industry’s most environmentally friendly products just got a whole lot greener and a bit less confusing. UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation, commonly referred to as “recycled blue jean insulation”, is now sourced entirely of post-consumer blue jeans, instead of the post-industrial denim scraps it was previously made from.

    Additionally, Bonded Logic Inc. has improved UltraTouch’s packaging to increase its product per truckload by 15 percent. This significantly impacts the company’s carbon footprint and opens the door for “drop shipments”, making UltraTouch available anywhere in the United States.

    Bonded Logic has always used post-consumer denim as part of its philanthropic efforts. Through a partnership with Cotton Inc., the company has transformed 200 tons of post-consumer blue jeans into its UltraTouch Insulation and donated it for home building efforts in communities in need. Over the past five years, these jeans were collected nationwide at consumer denim drives through Cotton Inc.’s Cotton: From Blue To Green initiative. This high-profile outreach led many consumers to wrongly assume that all UltraTouch products were made from post-consumer denim.

    “Our customers have reacted very favorably to the news that UltraTouch is now made from post-consumer blue jeans.” stated David Church, general manager of Bonded Logic Inc. “People have a lot of affection for America’s favorite fabric and UltraTouch gives those well loved jeans a second life and keeps them out of the landfill.”

    Although UltraTouch is now made from post-consumer denim, Bonded Logic will continue to use post-industrial denim in the manufacturing of several of its other green products.

    Not only has sourcing for UltraTouch been changed, but small changes in UltraTouch’s packaging will allow Bonded Logic to ship much more effectively and greatly reduce fuel and transportation costs.

    “We are constantly searching for ways to improve our carbon footprint.” said Church, “Although these changes won’t be apparent to the consumer, they represent a significant decrease in fuel consumption and transportation costs and make UltraTouch more greener than ever.”

    It’s not just the recycled denim that makes UltraTouch so green. Unlike most insulation that is treated with harsh chemicals, UltraTouch is treated with a borate-based solution for fire retardency and mold and pest resistance. Borates are an EPA-registered material that have a lower toxicity level than average table salt.

    The sustainability of UltraTouch continues with the manufacturing process, which uses minimal amounts of energy in comparison to traditional insulating products. Additionally, all scrap and manufacturing trim are reintroduced into the raw material supply creating a virtually zero waste process. It’s not surprising that UltraTouch can contribute to earning up to 12 LEED™ credits.

    UltraTouch also offers superior soundproofing, with a 30-50 percent increase in acoustical performance over traditional insulations. The natural fibers offer maximum thermal properties, which can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

    UltraTouch products are available throughout Acoustical Surfaces, Inc.