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  1. Exercise Room Acoustics

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    Claremore Recreation and Expo CenterThis was a job that was finished quite a few years ago. It was for a racquetball court that had been converted into an aerobics room. Ted recently discovered that the director of this rec center had posted a video of the exercise room, with typical music for a spin class playing, on YouTube. He was so happy with the acoustics in that room that he posted the video for a health club in Chicago that was looking at purchasing some of our fabric wrapped panels.

    There was a lack of space for aerobics spin classes at the Claremore Recreation and Expo center, so they decided to convert a racquetball court into a new aerobics room. Mitch Louderback, director of the center, stated that the echo was “so bad that you literally could not clearly hear a normal conversation from ten feet away”.

    After looking for different solutions, he talked with Ted and came up with a solution using 18 of our fabric wrapped panels in the space.

    After this room was originally completed, this was what he had to say:

    These panels have absolutely changed the sound characteristics of our new aerobics room. The result was absolutely amazing! The new aerobics room now has the best sound qualities. It sounds like it has been designed specifically for an audio application.

    Mitch Louderback — Director, Claremore Recreation and Expo Centers

    All these years later, this is what Mitch has to say now:

    The room sounds great, the panels look great, and the spin class has been a great success for our club. We have increased the number of spin bikes from 9 to 20 over the last three years. If I could, I would convert our other racquetball court to an aerobics room!
    Mitch Louderback – Director, Claremore Recreation and Expo Centers

    Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the video of the converted racquetball court with music from a typical spin class playing.