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  1. Attention Renovators: EPA Will Require Additional Training

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    An EPA protection order that goes into affect April 22, 2010, will require additional training for contractors that perform maintenance, renovation, or repair of child care establishments and homes built before1978.

    The order states:

    Beginning April 22, 2010, no paid job can disturb painted surfaces in pre-1978 homes or child care facilities unless (1) the firm is certified by the EPA or a state and (2) the renovator has completed training and is a certified renovator. The requirements under the rule apply to maintenance, renovation or repair activities where six square feet (about the size of a poster) or more of a painted surface is disturbed inside, or where 20 square feet or more of painted surface (about the size of a door) is disturbed on the exterior. Window replacement is also covered by the rule. The only exceptions are where paint is proven lead free or the job is smaller than six square feet.