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Church Acoustics in Fellowship Halls

Church acoustics in fellowship halls or multi-purpose rooms are some of the more frequent rooms that we are asked for recommendations for acoustical treatment. These rooms have a few very common similarities that are the reason for the need for acoustical wall panels or acoustical ceiling panels.

Fellowship Hall/Church Acoustics

Do you have a fellowship hall?!? Do the noise levels in your fellowship hall get to uncomfortable levels when filled with people?!? Have you been lucky enough to be the one chosen to find out how to fix this?!? Will you have an entire committee to report to?!? Do you have a limited budget but need to come up with a solution that is aesthetically pleasing enough to pass a committee vote?!? Well, friends, this is the article for you […]

Church Gym Sound Problem

“We are looking for some help in recommending and pricing some panels that will help cut down on the echo in our Family Life Center. This room is used for contemporary worship on Sunday morning with live bands. The echo or “slap back” is challenging for the bands. The panels will also need to be able to withstand the occasional basketball hit.” The first thing that I noticed was the physical volume and size of this room. The place is massive […]

Acoustical Treatment of Church Overflow Room

It always amazes me when people spend the money to build a room without any regard to the acoustical consequences. This is one such room. This room will be used for overflow congregation from the church and also serve as a gym which will be outfitted with basketball hoops on each end.” For this one, I’ve got a very straight forward approach that has worked in every instance where it was used […]

Fellowship Hall Acoustics – Echo control

” I need help at our church. We have a fellowship building that is 30ft wide x 50ft long and a wood A-frame vault ceiling that is 14.5ft from top to floor (ceramic tile). The noise level is unbearable. What do you recommend we do to help control the noise?” Controlling that echo and improving the sound quality is actually not that daunting of a task, thankfully. Basically, we just have to “soften” up enough of the surface area of the room with a wall or ceiling treatment […]

Social Hall Echo Problem

“We have a 40′ x20′ function hall with a 40′ peaked ceiling and a tiled floor. The echo is huge. I thought that by putting 3 panels on each end we could reduce the echo a little bit but it’s entirely possible that we could spend all that money and not get any real results. At this point, I’m not sure what to do.” I would feel very comfortable stating that unless the six panels did not make an audible difference AT ALL in a room that THAT’S big. I have been asked enough times “How many panels do I need”, that I have come up with a very quick and easy, yet surprisingly effective way to answer that question […]

Soundproofing vs. Sound Absorption

I have been getting a lot of calls lately where people are looking to soundproof a room. There are two sides of the acoustical coin, if you will. There are products that absorb echo within a room and there are products that will block or stop a sound […]

River Heights Fellowship Hall

When River Heights Vineyard Church relocated into a new location, we were very excited about the new opportunities and potential that came with the new space. One of the things we were most excited about was the main meeting space because it was much more open than our previous space. The downside to this big open area was that it had some serious acoustical challenges. The stage was located in the corner of the room and was surround by hard surfaces on all sides. The room echoed badly enough that having a live drummer just wasn’t feasible […]