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Acoustical Wall Panels

Installing a Standard Acoustic Panel

If left acoustically untreated, the acoustical properties of spaces can be significantly diminished. Sound travels so fast that it fills a room almost instantly. It can also propagate from sources in up to 360 degrees, so it’s easy to imagine how a room with flat, highly-reflective surfaces will create a nearly infinite number of sound […]

echo eliminator

Installing Echo Eliminator Wall Panels

If left acoustically untreated, large, open spaces like some restaurants, school gyms and cafeterias, shopping malls, or sporting venues, to name a few, can generate tremendous volumes of echo and reverberation, making individual as well as public communications very difficult if not outright irritating and hazardous to our health. Public address or speaker systems often […]

soundproof door

Installing a Soundproof Door

Whether at home or work, you may need or desire to soundproof a room. Doctors, legal professionals, and business executives, for example, all require speech privacy and confidentiality as well as freedom from external noise which may interrupt their work and conversations. Hotel owners often want to soundproof room doors to provide their guests complete […]

soundproof doors

What You Need to Know About Acoustics

Do you ever find yourself at your office, at a busy downtown intersection, in an industrial plant, a restaurant or a studio, or simply in your home, and you’re unhappy because unwanted noise is interfering in your life? If so, you’re far from being alone. Noise pollution comes in many different forms and under many […]

Soundproofing Studio

The Value of Sound and Acoustically Treating a Room

In the American economy, we see “value” mentioned frequently, and while the word “cheap” isn’t used, it’s often implied. No one wants to own cheap products, but no one wants to spend more than they should to get the performance they want. In the categories of sound and acoustical products, there’s a wide range of […]