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Architectural Design Changes After the Pandemic

Architectural and acoustic design changes COVID-19 has affected every single person and business on the planet in one way or another. As some states and countries begin relaxing restrictions, it has become clear that changes need to be considered and implemented in several industries to help mitigate the remaining effects of this pandemic and help […]

soundproofing boutique fitness studio

Tips for Successfully Soundproofing your Boutique Fitness Studio

If you find yourself attracted to the idea of operating your own boutique fitness studio, you are not alone, and for good reason.  Boutique fitness studios feel more trendy to consumers because they are able to provide an environment that is more intimate, fun, and specialized than standard gym options.  They tend to be smaller […]

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Dealing With A Noisy Hair Salon

Ok, I’ll admit it. I get my hair cut in a salon – but please don’t tell any of my buddies. I only go there because I’ve known the woman for years and she gives me a good deal. Salons all seem to have similar characteristics. They contain hard floors that can be easily cleaned: […]

Noisy Dance Studio Next to An Office

To treat the noise problem of an office next to a dance studio will require a completely different approach than if the dance studio were next to a manufacturing plant. The office environment typically will start out with a low level of background noise, which makes it easier for the occupants in the office to hear the noise from the dance studio. If you were in a manufacturing area where the background noise is going to be a lot higher to begin with, the dance studio’s noise may be at the same level as the background noise. Just like it is a lot harder to hear someone whispering in a noisy cafeteria vs a quiet library.

Dog Kennel/Grooming Salon Acoustics

We have quite a few different products that could all potentially reduce the noise in your grooming salon and each will offer it’s own respective advantages and disadvantages. Some are very economical, some are washable and some are decorative and customizable […]

Salon Noise Problem

There is always more than one way to treat a sound problem, but the tricky thing with most salon-type environments is the aesthetic that people want/need to maintain. Most salons are made of “sweepable” floors, standard drywall walls and hard ceilings – a perfect environment for an echo […]

Dance Studio Next to Office Space

Recently, I was asked to meet a few potential clients at an office building in a neighboring city. It was explained to me that a dance studio and an office shared a common wall. I have worked on similar situations in the past, and it is always a bit scary – simply due to the drastically different uses of the spaces. The problem that existed is that when the building owner was showing a few potential office renters the space, the dance studio was having a class. The sound transmission was an instant turn -off to a potential renter – and rightfully so […]