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Studio 3D Soundproof Door

How to Build a Podcast Studio: Podcast Buckets vs. Acoustical Treatments

Whether you’re thinking about creating one, or you’re already producing a podcast, you likely hope to cultivate and foster a loyal fan base. To do so, of course, your primary goal is to provide your audience with compelling content, but you also need to very seriously consider the quality of the sound you’re recording. Listeners […]

Soundproofing Studio

The Value of Sound and Acoustically Treating a Room

In the American economy, we see “value” mentioned frequently, and while the word “cheap” isn’t used, it’s often implied. No one wants to own cheap products, but no one wants to spend more than they should to get the performance they want. In the categories of sound and acoustical products, there’s a wide range of […]

Marcoux Corner Studio

My name Josh Baesler. I am a member and part owner of A Cappella singing group Marcoux Corner. In January of 2008 we moved our center of operations from ‘my house’ into a new office/studio space. Ever since the group’s inception, we’d always recorded our own music, but up until then we’d used a very […]