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soundproof hotel rooms

Soundproofing Hotel Rooms and Saving Your Business from Negative Reviews

Word of mouth has always been the most powerful form of advertising. If people say good things about your business to their friends and families, those friends and family members are more likely to become your customers, too. And now that the internet has made it easier than ever for people to post their opinions […]

Summer Sound Series: Loud A/C Units

My neighbor’s A/C unit is situated close to our house, and the noise is starting to drive me crazy. I know that I can’t ask him to move it, but is there anything that I can do to keep some of the sound out or at least make it quieter?

A/C Compressor Noise

“We recently purchased our home and to our surprise, the outdoor A/C compressors are extremely noisy. I am wondering what your thoughts would be about silencing the noise coming from the vibration of the units themselves, if any.” Based on your description of the problem, I would probably taking this in a two or three step process to make sure that you take the right steps while spending the least amount of money […]

Noisy Air Conditioner Solutions to Stop the Noise

I do get quite a few inquiries about noisy AC units. As far as the distance between the AC unit and the wall that you are going to need to build, I would contact the manufacturer of the unit as well as possibly a local contractor who would service the unit if it were needed. It is extremely important to leave enough room around the condenser to allow it to breather and function properly. That is one question that I will not be able to help with and is definitely site specific […]

Noisy A/C Help

“The problem is, recently, our neighbors, who themselves, do not have any A/C or window units, keep their old windows open during the hot Boston summers. Our larger unit has 2 A/C units and the people in the 1st unit have one. According to our neighbors, whose bedroom window on the 2nd floor immediately faces all 3 A/C units, make a lot of noise which is bothersome at night when they are trying to sleep.” In order to reduce the noise that your neighbor is hearing you are gong to need to do two things. First would be to interrupt the line of sight path of sound transmission […]

A/C Condenser Noise Problem Solved

L.B. from Chicago, IL writes: The owners of the apartment building next door installed 2 very noisy air conditioning units right next to our back porch. They are about 4′ away from our porch, just over the property line! We love our back porch and the noise made it almost unusable. To make matters worse, […]

Noisy Air Conditioner

Every spring, as soon as the weather starts to warm up we take more and more calls from people who are looking for the same thing – how to quiet a noisy air conditioning condenser. Especially in the early spring the noise from the condensers is troublesome because some people are running the AC while other people have their windows open. The constant drone of the machine can even be bothersome enough to drive neighbors to their breaking point