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Exercise Room Acoustics

This was a job that was finished quite a few years ago. It was for a racquetball court that had been converted into an aerobics room. Ted recently discovered that the director of this rec center had posted a video of the exercise room, with typical music for a spin class playing, on YouTube.

Church Acoustics in Fellowship Halls

Church acoustics in fellowship halls or multi-purpose rooms are some of the more frequent rooms that we are asked for recommendations for acoustical treatment. These rooms have a few very common similarities that are the reason for the need for acoustical wall panels or acoustical ceiling panels.

How To Quiet Your Noisy Garage Door

Other than a vehicle, a garage door opener is probably the most prominent noise source in a garage. They are strong motors that often introduce a large amount of vibration into a structure. Depending on the location of the garage, this can be quite bothersome […]

Acoustical Baffles

Picture a cafeteria or lunch room that can hold 150 people. The picture in your mind is going to depend on the age group of people using the room. Grade school, high school or college cafeterias usually have vinyl tile floors, painted concrete walls and either a drop ceiling or a painted sheetrock ceiling. Large […]

The Noisy Restaurant

If you think about it, having a noise problem in a restaurant is one of the best problems an owner can have. Noise means people enjoying themselves. A bigger problem, I suppose, would be if the place were completely empty all of the time. As I have noted in a few other restaurant based articles, restaurants can be a tricky space to treat for a few reasons which I will do my best to explain […]

Marcoux Corner Studio

My name Josh Baesler. I am a member and part owner of A Cappella singing group Marcoux Corner. In January of 2008 we moved our center of operations from ‘my house’ into a new office/studio space. Ever since the group’s inception, we’d always recorded our own music, but up until then we’d used a very […]

TV Studio Acoustical Treatment

I get calls every now and then from people or companies that are researching acoustical panels for a TV or media studio of some kind. My most high-profile treatment to date is the set for the TV show The Biggest Loser, but unfortunately I don’t think they can be seen in any of the shots […]

Publishing Facility Solution

Hi, Ted, Well, we put up the panels and we took before and after pictures (attached). We put them up on one side and noticed a sense that the echo had gradually all shifted to the other side. By the time they were all up we really felt so much better in the space. Before […]

A/C Condenser Noise Problem Solved

L.B. from Chicago, IL writes: The owners of the apartment building next door installed 2 very noisy air conditioning units right next to our back porch. They are about 4′ away from our porch, just over the property line! We love our back porch and the noise made it almost unusable. To make matters worse, […]