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How to Soundproof an Apartment

Learn how to best soundproof an apartment, cut down on tenant turnover, and make life much quieter for apartment dwellers.

How Can I Be a Quieter Neighbor

Most of the time we hear about people trying to quiet down their neighbor or at least reduce the amount that can be heard. But, what if you are the noisy neighbor? Lifehacker, which describes itself as having “tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done”, recently had a reader write in with a question […]

Condo Sound Problem – Common Wall Soundproofing

Common wall dwellings have to meet certain codes that are set in place by either the local building code or the national building council or code. There is a unit of measure called STC which is a rating of how “soundproof” a wall or ceiling is. The higher the STC number, the more soundproof […]

Quieting/Soundproofing Noisy Pipes

“I am wondering if materials used to insulate/soundproof pipes are made of similar materials? We are looking to soundproof a wall in between our very noisy shower pipes and my daughter’s bedroom.” You mentioned that you are trying to quiet down some “very noisy shower pipes” so for some reason, I assume you are dealing with old-school cast iron pipes. If this is the case, you can actually quiet them down a LOT by securing them in the wall properly […]

Soundproofing Apartment Wall

Basically there are two ways to block sound, one is to increase the amount of mass and density that you have between space A and space B, and the other is to de-couple the wall assembly, or build two separate walls that don,t touch each other. The decoupled wall will out perform the wall where only mass is added to the wall […]

Quieting My Son’s Drum Room?

“We are considering some level of soundproofing for our son’s bedroom. He plays the drums, and our house is not large, so we would greatly benefit from something that would help block/absorb some of the sound. Can you help with this?” In order to block sound, one needs to do one of two things. First would be to build a room within a room so that the sheet rock of the drum room does not have any hard surface contact with the sheet rock on the adjacent rooms […]

Soundproofing a Garage Door Motor

“We have a project that has a board room atop a mechanical/storage room that the owner would like to sound proof and decrease the overhead door noise and other noise including human voice.” This Situation could be treated in a two step process. I would first suggest eliminating the physical vibration that makes it’s way into the structure and if that is not enough, treating the ceiling of the room below with some kind of acoustical panels […]

Duplex Wall Soundproofing

“I’m looking for the most cost-effective and easy to install sound blocking for a musical range of sound.” Ideally, I would suggest the RSIC-1 Clip system to float the sheet rock off of the wall. This is THE most acoustically efficient and cost effective way to increase the attenuation of a wall assembly […]

Soundproofing vs. Sound Absorption

I have been getting a lot of calls lately where people are looking to soundproof a room. There are two sides of the acoustical coin, if you will. There are products that absorb echo within a room and there are products that will block or stop a sound […]