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What is Sound Diffusion (and Absorption)?

Here’s an easy definition: diffusion is the method of spreading out sound energy with a diffusor (diffuser) for better sound in a space. However, in the wide, wide world of acoustics, the sound diffusion process and tools are widely misunderstood, even by some acoustics professionals. This seems a bit odd, because it’s one of only […]

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What You Need to Know About Acoustics

Acoustical Surfaces Inc. specializes in soundproofing, acoustics, and noise/vibration control. To give you a better understanding of what we do, we produced a video on acoustics. It’s designed to provide an overview of the basics of acoustics for those who are new to the subject. The video also explains the very first thing that you […]

How to Soundproof an Apartment

Learn how to best soundproof an apartment, cut down on tenant turnover, and make life much quieter for apartment dwellers.

Whispering Galleries

Have you ever heard of a whispering gallery? It is an architectural feature that allows a whisper to be heard clearly across other parts of the gallery.

Fear of a Silent World

Noise is the necessary side-effect of a world which has changed, grown, and developed. For some, it is annoying. For others, it is a reassurance.

Top 10 Noisiest Jobs

Millions of people are exposed to dangerous decibels in the workplace — from musicians to farmers. We have found the top ten occupations where noise poses a serious health problem.

How Does Sound Work?

I think that people, in general, have a hard time understanding how sound works. I know it took me a long time, and I still only know the very basics. Maybe it is because it is unseen and unknown? When you are in a room that sounds great, you don’t even think about it. When […]

Summer Sound Series: Loud A/C Units

My neighbor’s A/C unit is situated close to our house, and the noise is starting to drive me crazy. I know that I can’t ask him to move it, but is there anything that I can do to keep some of the sound out or at least make it quieter?

AIA Continuing Education Credits (HSW/SD) for Whole System Acoustical Treatments

Courtesy of a co-sponsorship from Acoustical Surfaces, Inc., design and construction professionals can earn an AIA Continuing Education HSW (health, safety and welfare) and SD (sustainable design) credit by reading up on Whole System Acoustical Treatments online and successfully answering test questions at the end of the article. After reading the article, which focuses on […]