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Noise Level Data

The following table presents noise data at octave-band center frequencied for familiar residential, outdoor transportation and building activity noise sources.

Sound Pressure Level
Example Source
Home63 Hz125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz2000 Hz4000 Hz8000 HzdBA
Alarm Clock at 4-9 ft – Ringing4648556262708080
Electric Shaver at 1.5 ft595849626064605968
Vacuum Cleaner at 3 ft486669737973737281
Garbage Disposal at 2 ft648369565550504969
Clothes Washer at 2-3 ft – Wash Cycle596559595854504662
Toilet – Refilling Tank505553545756575263
Whirlpool, Six Nozzles – Filling Tub686568697171686574
Window Air-Conditioning Unit646465565348443759
Telephone at 4-13 ft – Ringing4144566873698383
TV at 10 ft496264677068633974
Stereo – Teenager Listening Level607283828280756086
Stereo – Adult Listening Level566675727066644875
Violin at 55 ft – Fortissimo91918783796692
Normal Conversational Speech at 3 ft57626357484063
Outdoors63 Hz125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz2000 Hz4000 Hz8000 HzdBA
Birds at 10 ft50525457
Large Dog at 50 ft – Barking5058687064524872
Lawn Mower at 5 ft858786848174707286
Pistol Shot at 250 ft – Peak Impulse Levels839199102106106
Surf at 10-15 ft – Moderate Seas717270716764585478
Wind in Trees – 10 mph333537373543
Transportation63 Hz125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz2000 Hz4000 Hz8000 HzdBA
Large Trucks at 50 ft – 55 mph838583858176726586
Passenger Cars at 50 ft – 55 mph727067666766595471
Motorcycle at 50 ft – Full Throttle, Without Baffle959591919187878595
Snowmobile at 50 ft658284757877796985
Train at 100 ft – Pulling Hard9510294908687837994
Train Siren at 50 ft88901101101071009178109
Car Horn at 15 ft929590806097
Commercial Turbofan Airplane at 1 mile – From Takeoff Flight Path77828278705679
Military Helicopter at 500 ft – Single Engine, Medium Size928983817672625180
Interiors63 Hz125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz2000 Hz4000 Hz8000 HzdBA
Amplified Rock Music Performance – Large Arena116117119116118115109102121
Audiovisual Room858992908987858094
Auditorium – Applause606875798584756588
Computer Equipment Room787573788078747084
Dog Kennel901041061018979108
Mechanical Equipment Room878685848382807888
Music Practice Room9094969696919190100
Racquetball Court828580858375686286
Reception and Lobby Area606672777468605078