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River Heights Fellowship Hall

When River Heights Vineyard Church relocated into a new location, we were very excited about the new opportunities and potential that came with the new space. One of the things we were most excited about was the main meeting space because it was much more open than our previous space. The downside to this big open area was that it had some serious acoustical challenges. The stage was located in the corner of the room and was surround by hard surfaces on all sides. The room echoed badly enough that having a live drummer just wasn’t feasible […]

My Son’s Band Practice Room

We are in need of some good economical suggestions and came across your website. Our teenage son has a 7 piece drum set, 4 guitars, ½ stack, 2 amplifiers, 3 mics, and 2 PA/monitor speakers all in his small 9X11 room. I would love the room to be open to see the back yard whenever it is not in use. Then I would like to roll down sound proofing material that attaches to the frames when they want to jam. The goal is that my husband and I can still enjoy watching a movie while the teenagers are jamming away. Unfortunately, we are not made of $$ and need some really economical suggestions […]

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